Lynda Weinman: “To Understand Where Adobe is Going” Read Knowledge@Wharton

Pamela Pfiffner, author of Inside the Publishing Revolution: The Adobe Story, has a posting on the Peachpit Press blog covering the details of the recent Flashforward conference: “Flash Back and Flashforward.” According to Pfiffner, Flashforward founder Lynda Weinman recommended two recent Knowledge@Wharton articles to the audience during her keynote speech:

[D]uring her opening remarks, conference chair and founder Lynda Weinman noted that Flash as well as Adobe and its recent acquisition Macromedia have undergone many changes in the 10 years since Flash was introduced. To understand where Adobe is going, she encouraged attendees to read interviews with Adobe Chairman Bruce Chizen and Senior Vice President Kevin Lynch on the Wharton School of Business Web site.

In case you missed them, here are the interviews Weinman mentioned:

2006 July 20
Kevin Lynch on Adobe’s Plans for a New Generation of Software

2006 March 08
After Acquiring Macromedia, What’s Next for Adobe? Ask Bruce Chizen

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