It’s Official: Wharton’s Scott McNulty is One of the World’s Top 30 Bloggers

I’m in Boston for the weekend and what do I do? I hang out in bookstores. It seems a bit silly since we have very good bookstores in the Philadelphia area, but as I wander around looking at the sites, I can’t resist stopping in to each bookstore I pass — from the wonderful Brattle Book Shop to a Borders down the street from my hotel.

Browsing the Computing section in the Borders, I spot a book titled Blogging Heroes: Interviews with 30 of the World’s Top Bloggers. Curious about who are the selected 30 subjects, I flip through the book to discover that Wharton Computing systems administrator Scott McNulty is one of the thirty featured bloggers for his work as lead editor of The Unofficial Apple Weblog (“TUAW”)

In the interview Scott talks about how he juggles his job at Wharton with his work as a blogger (although, alas, the Wharton School is never mentioned by name — the interview only mentions that Scott’s job is at “a university”). Scott describes how great the work environment is at Wharton and how his job gives him the flexibility to use his vacation days to cover events for TUAW.

It’s an interesting look into the work of professional blogger about Apple technology who also maintains a full-time job as a Windows systems administrator.

Blogging Heroes by Michael A Banks is available through

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