Published Interviews

Knowledge@Wharton interviews I’ve conducted — either solo or in conjunction with other Knowledge@Wharton editors:

John ScullyJohn Scully
John Sculley: Rising to the Challenge of ‘Truly Disruptive Innovation’
Photo: Judae1 / Wikimedia Commons: CC BY-SA 3.0

ibm-watson-300x300Brad Becker
IBM’s Brad Becker on Watson and the ‘Humane’ Promise of Cognitive Computing

Felicia-Day-3033-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Felicia Day
Felicia Day on Creativity and Building a Business on the Web

John-Warnock-Bob-Wulff-Adobe-MAX-2013-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300John Warnock and Bob Wulff
Adobe Acrobat at 20: Successes, Second Guesses and a Few Miscues

Marc-Tyler-Nobleman-SDCC-2012-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Marc Tyler Nobleman
The Dark Knight’s Dark Secret: Bill Finger’s Uncredited Role in the Story of Batman

Andrea-Phillips-200x200Andrea Phillips
Transmedia Storytelling, Fan Culture and the Future of Marketing

M-Night-Shyamalan-NYCC-2010-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300M. Night Shyamalan
M. Night Shyamalan: Seeing Signs

Jon-Foy-2011-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Jon Foy
Building a Mystery: The Toynbee Tiles and Jon Foy’s Filmmaking Quest

Michael-Uslan-NYCC-2010-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Michael Uslan
Movie Producer Michael Uslan on Superheroes, Comic Books and Why Hollywood Doesn’t Get It

James-Kerwin-248x248.jpgJames Kerwin
No Hollywood Ending: Filmmaker James Kerwin on the Future of Independent Movie Production

Jim-Griffin-7979-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Jim Griffin
‘Tarzan Economics’: If Music Is Free, How Do Artists Get Paid?

John-Warnock-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300John Warnock
Adobe Co-founder John Warnock on the Competitive Advantages of Aesthetics and the ‘Right’ Technology

Stephen-Elop-Wharton-Tech-Conference-2009-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Stephen Elop
Flying High: Microsoft’s Stephen Elop Balances Future Vision with Present-day Realities

Joss-Whedon-NYCC-2009-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300.jpgJoss Whedon
Joss Whedon’s Plan to Monetize Internet Content (Watch Out, Hollywood)

Craig-Mundie-2008-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Craig Mundie
Craig Mundie’s ‘Primordial Soup’: Steering Microsoft through the Next Big Technological Disruption

Chuck-Geschke-300x300Charles M. (“Chuck”) Geschke
Driving Adobe: Co-founder Charles Geschke on Challenges, Change and Values

Kevin-Lynch-0154-Engage2008-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Kevin Lynch
Kevin Lynch on Adobe’s AIR: Extending the Web beyond the Browser

Scott-Guthrie-MIX-2008-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Scott Guthrie
Scott Guthrie on Microsoft’s Play for Rich Internet Applications

Steve-Wozniak-2012-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak on Apple, Steve Jobs and the Value of a Good Prank

Lance-Weiler-300x300.jpgLance Weiler
The Movies Meet Web 2.0: Lance Weiler on the New Economic Model for Independent Cinema
Photo Essay: Lance Weiler’s Cinema ARG at the Museum of the Moving Image

IMAX-Logo-300x300Richard Gelfond
IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond on What’s Next for the Big Screen

Shantanu-Narayen-300x300.jpgShantanu Narayen
Shantanu Narayen on Adobe’s Future Direction: Product Strategy for the Next Generation of the Web

AdMob-Logo-300x300Omar Hamoui
AdMob’s Omar Hamoui: ‘Mobile Is Going to Be a Larger Market Than Internet Advertising’

Ray-Ozzie-MIX-2008-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Ray Ozzie
The Man Who Would Change Microsoft: Ray Ozzie’s Vision for Connected Software

Tom-Malloy-300x300Tom Malloy
Ongoing Innovation: Tom Malloy on Sustaining the Relevance and Impact of Adobe’s Advanced Technology Labs

Mike-McCue-300x300Mike McCue
Mike McCue’s Vision for the Convergence of the Phone and the Web
Photo: cellanr / Wikimedia Commons: CC BY-SA 2.0

SAP-Logo-300x300Henning Kagermann
Henning Kagermann: Balancing Change and Stability in the Evolution of SAP’s Enterprise Software Platform

Dell-Logo-300x-300Michael Dell
Michael Dell: Still Betting on the Future of Online Commerce and Supply Chain Efficiencies

Tantek-Çelik-Rohit-Khare-photo-by-Scott Beale-300x300.jpgTantek Çelik and Rohit Khare
Tantek Çelik and Rohit Khare: The Progress and the Promise of Microformats
Photo: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid: CC BY-NC 2.0

Kevin-Lynch-2111-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Kevin Lynch
Kevin Lynch on Adobe’s Plans for a New Generation of Software

Helen-Greiner-300x300Helen Greiner
Is There a Robot in Your Future? Helen Greiner Thinks So

Helen-Greiner-Knowledge-Wharton-150x150.jpgHelen Greiner
Podcast: Helen Greiner — The Vision Behind iRobot

Bruce-Chizen-Adobe-2006-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300.jpgBruce Chizen
After Acquiring Macromedia, What’s Next for Adobe? Ask Bruce Chizen

Garrett-Brown-2005-photo-by-Kendall-Whitehouse-300x300Garrett Brown
Garrett Brown: Inventing the Future — And a Few Handy Gadgets
Garrett Brown: An Inventive Path
Photo Essay: Garrett Brown in His Lab

Xerox-Logo-300x300Anne Mulcahy
“Crisis Helped to Reshape Xerox in Positive Ways”

Tantek-Çelik-photo-by-Frédéric-de-Villamil-300x300.jpgTantek Çelik
What’s the Next Big Thing on the Web? It May Be a Small, Simple Thing — Microformats
Photo: Frédéric de VillamilCC BY-SA 2.0

Macromedia-Logo-300x300Rob Burgess and Betsey Nelson
For Macromedia, the Future Belongs to Non-PCs

Bruce-Chizen-300x300.jpgBruce Chizen
Getting Reorganization Right: How Bruce Chizen Drove Change and Innovation at Adobe Systems

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