Great Movie Title Sequence: The First Four Minutes of “The Kingdom”

Great Movie Title Sequence: The First Four Minutes of “The Kingdom”

Yahoo! Movies Youtube has the first four minutes of Peter Berg’s “The Kingdom” online, which provides a “fly-by” timeline of the U.S. involvement in Saudi Arabia.

Movie credits have come a long way from simple scrolling lists of creative and production talent. The previous work of graphic designers like Saul Bass and creative agencies like R/GA have transformed the title sequence from a pedestrian information list into a mini art form. (For a good historical overview, see Type In Motion: Innovations in Digital Graphics by Jeffrey Bellantoni and Matt Woolman.)

The opening of “The Kingdom” combines informative content with dazzling visuals, great music (by Danny Elfman), and impeccable pacing. This is what motion graphics is all about. Take a look:

[Via Adobe’s John Nack]

Image from The Kingdom is a screenshot from a copyrighted film, the copyright for which is most likely owned by the studio which produced the film, and possibly also by any actors appearing in the screenshot. It is believed that the use of a limited number of web-resolution screenshots for identification and critical commentary on the film and its contents qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law.

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