HD DVD: Game Over

Less than two months after Warner Bros. tipped the balance of power in the high-def media wars (see previous post), Toshiba today announced it plans to exit the HD DVD business by the end of the next month.

CNET’s News.com has the Reuters report on the announcement:

One thought on “HD DVD: Game Over

  1. Having purchased the HD-DVD add-on drive for my Xbox 360, I guess I was an early-adopter. I’ve always been on the sidelines of this “war” because, well, since I own an Xbox360 and will eventually own a PlayStation 3, I’m “covered”!
    It’s really surprising how quickly this kerfuffle resolved itself. I’m bummed for my friends in the Intersphere who have bought HD-DVD content, but at least people can stop perseverating about it and start buying up their favorite content!


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