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The Return of the Revenge of the Webtop

The Return of the Revenge of the Webtop

As the oft-repeated story goes, in the latter half of the 1990s, Netscape co-founder Mark Andreessen boasted that Netscape would reduce Microsoft Windows to "a set of poorly debugged device drivers." What he meant, of course, was that software development would move from native operating system applications to the web. The web browser would become … Continue reading The Return of the Revenge of the Webtop

Silverlight 2 and Fuzzy Math

This past week Microsoft released Silverlight 2. While Silverlight 1.0 focused principally on online video applications, Silverlight 2 is the first version of Microsoft's cross-browser runtime environment that serves as a fully expressive platform for developing rich Internet applications (RIAs). What we now know as Silverlight 2 was originally announced as Silverlight 1.1, but the … Continue reading Silverlight 2 and Fuzzy Math

Reuters and the New York Times on RIAs

The New York Times web site posted a Reuters article titled "Olympics Set The Stage For Emerging Web Tech Fight" about how Microsoft's Silverlight is competing with Adobe's Flash to become a major platform for both Web video and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). As the article characterizes it, "Microsoft's Silverlight technology and rival Adobe's Flash … Continue reading Reuters and the New York Times on RIAs

Scott Guthrie on Silverlight and RIAs

Scott Guthrie on Silverlight and RIAs

At the MIX08 conference in Las Vegas I spoke with Microsoft corporate vice president Scott Guthrie about the launch of the beta of Silverlight 2 and what it means for Microsoft's foray into the arena of rich Internet applications. Guthrie talked about Silverlight's revenue model, Microsoft's commitment to cross-platform (and cross-device) development for Silverlight, and … Continue reading Scott Guthrie on Silverlight and RIAs

Silverlight on Nokia Smartphones

CNET's Martin LaMonica reports that later today Microsoft and Nokia will announce plans to bring Silverlight to Nokia's Symbian OS based Series 60 and Series 40 smartphones along with Nokia Internet tablets. The piece also cites John Case, general manager of Microsoft's developer division, as stating that a version of Silverlight for Windows Mobile will … Continue reading Silverlight on Nokia Smartphones

Rumor Updates: Eventually. Maybe.

A quick update on two items on which I reported yesterday. CNET News.com's Martin LaMonica today quotes John Case, general manager of Microsoft's developer division as saying that Microsoft will add offline capabilities to Silverlight "eventually": "It's something that we will want to do," Case said in an interview on Monday. "Eventually, customers will expect … Continue reading Rumor Updates: Eventually. Maybe.

Silverlight 2: Size Matters

Microsoft's Scott Guthrie has posted details on the forthcoming beta release of Silverlight 2 which, it appears, is relatively imminent (very likely in conjunction with Microsoft's MIX conference March 5 - 7). Silverlight 1.0 focused largely on rich media -- primarily Web-based video --- and used JavaScript as its programming model. It was, to a … Continue reading Silverlight 2: Size Matters