Locust Moon Comics Fest: Philly’s Indie Comic Con

Locust Moon Comics Fest: Philly’s Indie Comic Con

J.G. Jones
Artist J.G. Jones

This past Sunday, Philadelphia’s Locust Moon Comics & Movies hosted their first annual Comics Festival at the Rotunda in West Philadelphia. Unlike many of the larger comic cons, which are chiefly focused around mainstream comics and popular culture, the Locust Moon fest carries on the tradition of the former Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con in showcasing “alternative/fringe/indie/art comics and zines.” As such, much of the event’s vibe — in addition to the physical layout — was reminiscent of the Philly Zine Fest held a few months earlier at the same venue.

Although many of the tables at the Fest were occupied by comics creators who self publish their works, the event also included industry professionals working for traditional media outlets. Nationally syndicated comic strip artist Terry LaBon was in attendance as was artist J.G. Jones, who is currently illustrating The Comedian for D.C.’s “Before Watchmen” series.

For a photographic overview of the event, see my Flickr set:
Locust Moon Comics Festival 2012

Skuds McKinley Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo Little Baby's Ice Cream Rafer Roberts Terry LaBan

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