That Morning

That Morning

A piece of short fiction written for “My Super First Day” coordinated by @andrhia

It felt like a dream. At first, I thought it was a dream. That morning as I awoke in my bed I realized that…well, that I wasn’t actually in the bed. I was above it. Floating. In the air about four feet above the sheets. The bed covers had been tossed aside, presumably during the night as I lifted into the air. I don’t know how it happened. Did I slowly float up in fractions of an inch over eight hours as I slept? Or, at some point during the night, did I suddenly rise up within only a few seconds? I couldn’t tell. Did it really matter? Yet these were the first thoughts that filtered into my consciousness as I awoke. Either way, there I was, floating weightlessly in the air.

As my mind became clearer, I realized how incredible it all was. I could float in the air! How did this happen? Why did it happen?

At that instant, I plopped down onto the bed like a sack of potatoes. After settling back into the bed, I closed my eyes, tried to slow my breathing, and willed myself to rise again. Nothing happened. Gravity had regained its control.

As I laid there, now wide awake, trying to absorb what I had just experienced, I wondered: What will happen tomorrow morning?

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