Photos from the Gonzales Cantata

Photos from the Gonzales Cantata

Photos from yesterday’s performance of the Gonzales Cantata at the University of Pennsylvania’s Rotunda are in my Flickr photostream. For my review, see: “Watching the Gonzales Cantata.”

gonzales-cantata-montage-315x315.jpgComposed and conducted by Melissa Dunphy, the piece is a musical rendition of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. By turns both satirically funny and poignantly moving, the operatic work ran for three performances as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

While the photos may capture some of the excitement of the live performance, the work was meant to be heard. You can play or download the Gonzales Cantata on Bandcamp.

For more information on the Gonzales Cantata, see the project’s web site: For news and updates, follow the Gonzales Cantata on Facebook or Twitter.

[Updated 2010-01-23 to reflect the addition of the Rotunda performance to Bandcamp and add the link to my review.]

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