I Helped to Inspire Felicia Day

Among the many people who bookmarked my Knowledge@Wharton interview with Joss Whedon on Delicious, one of the first (number 4, in fact) was Felicia Day, the lead actress in Whedon’s Internet sensation “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.”

Of course, as her bookmark list reveals, Ms. Day uses Delicious to bookmark most articles pertaining to “Dr. Horrible.” But I’m pleased to see that, as of today, of the 105 links to “Dr. Horrible” items she has saved, my interview is the one most bookmarked by others on Delicious.

I’m even more pleased that it is the only one of her “Dr. Horrible” bookmarks that Day has also tagged as “inspiration.” I’m sure she’s referring to Whedon’s insightful comments rather than to my questions or introductory text. But it’s gratifying to think that I played a small role in eliciting those responses from Mr. Whedon.

Felicia Day bookmarks for Dr. Horrible

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