Attention Indie Filmmakers: iTunes May Be Within Your Reach

Attention Indie Filmmakers: iTunes May Be Within Your Reach

This morning Scott Kirsner posted an article on his CinemaTech blog titled “How to Get Your Indie Film on iTunes (…It’s Not Easy)” that will be of interest to independent filmmakers who are looking to generate revenue from their work (which, I suspect, includes nearly all indie filmmakers).

Apple’s iTunes has become one of the dominant channels for distributing (and monetizing) digital content. In addition to being the number one music retailer in the US, Apple reports that iTunes also rents or sells over 50,000 movies per day.

Sounds great, huh? But there’s a catch. The problem, as Kirsner notes, is that independent filmmakers don’t have direct access to the iTunes channel. Apple prefers to work with aggregators of cinematic content rather than with individual filmmakers.

You’re no doubt wondering, “So which aggregators supply content to iTunes and how do I get access to them?”  That’s why Kirsner’s piece is valuable. He lists the major independent movie aggregators that supply content to iTunes along with links to their contact information and to how to apply for distribution.

If you have cinematic content you’re looking to publish through iTunes, here’s where to start:


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